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Why We Love Our Dental Assistants — and Why You Should Too!

While every member of our staff works hard to help you preserve your oral health, our dental assistants are key players in the routine dental care and the specialized treatments we provide. They make contact with every patient who walks through our doors, are responsible for making sure you feel comfortable and safe while you are in the dentist’s seat, and before you walk out our door, they will make sure you are well informed and educated. The quality of our practice’s care wouldn’t be the same without them!

What Your Dental Assistant Does

If you are wondering exactly what our dental assistants are responsible for, the following are just some of their daily duties:

• Greeting patients and escorting them to the examination rooms
• Ensuring each patient’s comfort
• Taking down and tracking patients’ medical histories
• Making sure all of our dental equipment is sterilized and in safe condition
• Assisting with treatments and procedures
• Taking x-rays
• Educating patients on their treatment, procedures, and aftercare
• Updating and maintaining medical records

Why We Love Our Dental Assistants

While the list of duties that dental assistants perform is enough to earn our respect, it’s the underlying responsibilities that come with those duties that win them our love and appreciation. Our dental assistants are the keepers of the smile that eases your anxiety when you first enter the exam room. They earn your trust by asking you questions that must be asked in order to ensure you receive the best care possible, then asking you the questions you want to be asked so that you know your oral health providers really care about you!

Our dental assistants make sure the technology you depend on is in top condition and ready to be used safely. They are there to assist our dentist so routine exams and dental treatments go smoothly, so you can feel relaxed when you are in our care. Finally, when you leave our practice, they make sure you know everything you need to know in order to make the best of the care and treatments you have received.

Show Your Dental Assistant Some Love!

While the first full week of March is considered Dental Assistant Appreciation Week, we are celebrating our dental assistants all month long. Take some extra time to show your dental assistant that you appreciate them. If you are a regular patient, a simple thank-you card or a tooth-healthy treat is a great way to show your appreciation. If you are new to our practice, just take a moment to give our wonderful assistants a heartfelt thank you, and return the smile they so graciously hand out to each and every patient that walks through our door.

If you would like to experience the superior care you can receive from our talented and caring dental assistants, as well as the rest of the staff at Family Tree Dental, call and set up your next appointment with us today: Family Tree Dental – Colegate at (740) 236-4524 or Family Tree Dental – Outreach at (740) 885-3166.