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Can You Eat With Temporary Veneers?

If you are planning on getting porcelain veneers soon, you probably know that you will have a set of temporary veneers before your permanent veneers are placed. Temporary veneers are placed with a weaker cement than permanent veneers making the bond more fragile. Many patients wonder if they are allowed to eat with temporary veneers.

While you can and should eat with temporary veneers in, there are some foods that you should avoid eating to prevent your veneers from being damaged, or in the worst case, falling out.

What Should You Not Eat With Temporary Veneers?

Some foods that dentists tell patients with temporary veneers to avoid eating include things like:

  • Sticky candy like taffy or caramels
  • Chewing gum
  • Chips and other hard, crunchy snacks
  • Raw fruits and vegetables like carrots or apples

While you should avoid these foods while you have temporary veneers, you should feel free to eat most other foods without worry. Just be sure to brush your teeth after eating and avoid eating anything too sticky or hard.

Dentists recommend staying away from these types of food to prevent you from damaging your teeth or causing your temporary veneers from coming out. In most cases, if you take care of your temporary veneers and avoid eating hard or sticky foods, they should last until your permanent veneers are placed.

Can Temporary Veneers Fall Out?

As previously mentioned, the bond holding your temporary veneers to your teeth is not as strong as the bond that will hold your permanent veneers. This weak bond allows the dentist to easily remove the temporary veneers when it comes time to place your permanent veneers.

Because the bond is so weak, it is possible for your temporary veneers to fall out, especially if you eat hard or sticky foods. If your temporary veneers do fall out, be sure to save them and bring them with you to your next appointment so the dentist can re-cement them back into place.

How to Clean Temporary Veneers After Eating

Temporary veneers are connected from one tooth to another to give them a stronger bond to your teeth. Because of this, you cannot floss between temporary veneers. Instead, you will need to use a water flosser or an interdental brush to clean the area between the temporary veneers and your gums.

In addition to cleaning between your teeth, you should also brush your temporary veneers twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste.

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