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Why Men Are at Greater Risk of Oral Health Problems

Why Men Are at Greater Risk of Oral Health Problems

As the new hottest trend “Dad Bod” suggests, recent surveys and studies show that men are less likely to take care of their physical health than women. This holds true for their oral health. In fact, one of the greatest risk factors for infrequent trips to the dentist is simply being male.

With Father’s Day right around the corner and Men’s Health Week upon us, now is a good time to make sure all the special men in our lives take care of their oral health, and to talk about how we can support them so they can fully enjoy optimal whole health and a lifetime of smiles.

What the Statistics Say

  • – Men have an increased risk of developing oral and throat cancer
  • – Men are at greater risk of developing periodontal disease than women
  • – One-third of men have not had a dental checkup in the past year
  • – On average, a man will lose 5.4 teeth by the age of 72
  • – A man who smokes is likely to lose up to 12 teeth by age 72

Why They Are Important

Everyone knows cancer is a serious subject, but what many do not know is that dentists play a key role in the early detection of oral cancer. Every time you go into the dentist for a routine checkup, they screen for oral, head, and neck cancers. When caught early, you have a good chance for a full recovery.

Similarly, regular visits to the dentist can prevent the development of periodontal disease and the loss of teeth, both of which are linked to cardiovascular disease, putting people at risk of heart attacks and stroke. Men are already more likely to suffer from heart attacks, so good oral hygiene and routine trips to the dentist are extra important, especially as men age.

Changing the Numbers

So how do we help our husbands, fathers, brothers, and friends fight the statistics? First make sure they know and regularly practice the best oral hygiene basics:

  • – Brush twice daily
  • – Floss every day
  • – Attend two routine dental exams with cleanings annually
  • – Use a toothpaste with fluoride and a rinse regularly
  • – A healthy diet makes a difference in oral health and whole health

Remind your loved one that seeing a dentist regularly promotes prevention and could save his life! And for Father’s Day, skip the tie. Pick Dad up an electric toothbrush or flosser. You might even consider surprising him with a tooth-whitening treatment, because when he looks better, he feels better — and every dad deserves that.

Find out more about how we support men’s whole health through regular dental care and treatments. Call Family Tree Dental – Colegate at (740) 236-4524 or Family Tree Dental – Outreach at (740) 885-3166 today!