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Does Getting a Crown Require a Root Canal?

Dentist showing patient xray of mouth

Dental crowns are a popular way to restore a tooth that has been damaged, and in many cases, getting a dental crown does not require a root canal. However, there are some instances where a root canal may be necessary before getting a dental crown. In this article, we will explore when you may need to get a root canal before getting a dental crown and what the procedure entails.

What Are Dental Crowns and When are They Used?

Dental crowns are artificial teeth that are used to cover and protect a tooth that has been damaged or is weakened. Crowns are usually necessary when a tooth has been severely damaged, such as by decay or a fracture. Crowns may also be used to improve the appearance of a tooth.

In order to place a dental crown, the tooth must first be prepared. This involves removing any damaged or decayed tissue, as well as shaping the tooth so that the crown can fit over it. In some cases, a root canal may also be necessary in order to prepare the tooth for a crown.

When Do You Need a Root Canal Before Getting a Crown?

If you have a tooth that is severely damaged, your dentist may recommend getting a root canal before getting a dental crown. This will help the dental crown last much longer and prevent you from being in any pain down the road. A root canal is a procedure where the nerve and pulp of the tooth are removed. This is typically done when the tooth is too damaged to be saved with a filling or other less invasive procedure. After the nerve and pulp have been removed, the tooth is then sealed off to prevent infection. Once the tooth has been treated with a root canal, your dentist can then place a dental crown over the top of the tooth to restore its function and appearance.

Not all teeth require a root canal before getting a crown. If the tooth is not severely damaged, your dentist may be able to place the dental crown without first needing to perform a root canal.

When is a Root Canal Not Needed for Getting a Crown?

There are a few instances in which you may not need to get a root canal prior to getting a dental crown. If the tooth has minimal decay and there is no infection present, then a root canal may not be necessary. In addition, if the tooth is structurally sound and there is little to no decay, a root canal may also not be necessary.

A dental crown needs a stable tooth as a foundation. If a crown is attached to a tooth that may become infected, it will not last long. A crown can develop a cavity underneath it, meaning that your dentist should make sure that there is no signs of a cavity before placing the crown.

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