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Dr. Jordan Allen


The second of four children, Dr. Jordan Allen was raised in Idaho amongst the sagebrush and juniper trees. He attributes any success he’s had in life to a steady diet of potatoes in his youth. He received a bachelors degree in biology from Idaho State University, and earned his doctorate from the Ohio State University.

Dr. Allen married the love of his life, a woman of unmatched wit and surpassing beauty. They have a mischievous and playful young son and a giant fluffy golden doodle.

Dr. Allen enjoys road trips with his family, anything remotely competitive, and a nice, crisp morning on the golf course.

In the realm of dentistry, Dr. Allen places an emphasis on esthetics and loves seeing smile transformations and the happiness and confidence it brings to his patients.

He treats anyone from children to the elderly, and focuses diligently on creating a comfortable dental experience for all. Dr. Allen is also fluent in Spanish.

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