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General Dentistry With Sticky

At Family Tree Dental, our general dentistry services include a wide range of preventive and restorative options designed for patients of all ages. We pride ourselves on nurturing long-term, trust-based relationships, so we get to know you, your oral health history, and what you hope to achieve through your relationship with us so we can tailor a personalized plan for you. As one of the top providers in the area, we address dental health problems before they become painful and expensive by creating dental plans that include preventive services such as teeth cleanings, sealants for young teeth, and tooth-strengthening fluoride treatments.

When teeth do become unhealthy or damaged, we restore them with fillings, crowns, or implants when necessary. If you’re simply unhappy with the way your smile looks, we can whiten or straighten your teeth, or you can select from an array of additional cosmetic services. And with every service you receive from us, the latest dental technologies and treatment techniques are used, minimizing invasive procedures whenever possible and ensuring you don’t end up with treatments that you don’t need and expenses that you don’t want.

In addition to a wide variety of general dentistry services, the professionals at Family Tree Dental have developed a treatment process that focuses on a one-step-at-a-time mentality as well as patience and understanding.

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